Page 40 - Code de conduite et d'éthique
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 Contents Introduction       p.3 Our beliefs and commitments p.4 Interests of customers and cooperative shareholders p.5 Principle 1 – Foster a spirit of openness and trusting relationship Principle 2 – Guarantee an impartial treatment for all our customers Principle 3 – Protect the interests of our customers and cooperative shareholders Principle 4 – Communicate in complete transparency Employer and employee responsibility p.13 Principle 5 – Promote exemplary, principled and considerate behavior Principle 6 – Promote respect for employees and favor their professional growth Principle 7 – Act in a manner consistent with ethical business practices at all times Principle 8 – Ensure the continuity of Groupe BPCE Social responsibility         p.27 Principle 9 – Contribute to the development of a socially responsible market economy consistent with human dignity Principle 10 – Be a banking group that is socially inclusive and open to all Principle 11 – Take effective steps to protect the environment and facilitate the transition toward a low carbon economy Principle 12 – Promote Human Rights in the pursuit of all our activities The Code of Conduct in practice       p.33 The right to report p.35                                  2 /Groupe BPCE Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards 

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