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Introduction    Michel GRASS, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Groupe BPCE Laurent MIGNON, Chairman of the Management Board Groupe BPCE Groupe BPCE plays a central role in the economic and social development of France in all its diversity and throughout the regions where it is present. In this way, the Group displays the same commitment that presided over the creation of its major banking brands that have marked the economic history of France and contributed to our country’s social progress: over the past two hundred years for the Caisses d'Epargne and for more than a century for the Banque Populaire banks. This commitment to be useful over the long term is an undertaking that we make to all our customers and cooperative shareholders, as well as to the directors who represent them in the governance of the Group’s different entities. We also make this commitment to our employees who are entitled to derive personal satisfaction from their professional activities and day-to-day interactions, without this compromising their private lives. We also make this commitment to society at large, for the joint construction of the common good. This common good emerges from the ecosystems in which our entities are influential and where they help to shape the future. This ability to dialogue with others, to interact and grow together   A long-term vision and creation of a trusting environment are essential prerequisites for our future development. is the very essence of our cooperative group. The preservation of a trusting relationship with all our stakeholders is therefore considered of vital importance by the Supervisory and Management Boards of BPCE, and by the Group’s entire senior management team. A long-term vision and creation of a trusting environment are essential prerequisites for our future development that must be supported by the highest possible standards of professional integrity. This Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards, the result of collaborative work within the Group, provides a set of general principles to guide our action. It is important to give employees a body of guidelines such as these to help them identify the right decisions to make in the exercise of their professional duties when faced with potentially conflicting pressures. It is the duty of us all, in the pursuit of our day-to-day activities, to respect these rules of behavior that give expression to our professional integrity and ethical values. We are committed to applying them in a personal capacity and count on each and every one of you to do the same. Groupe BPCE Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards / 3 

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