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Principle 1 Foster a spirit of openness and a trusting relationship Listening to customers and developing a long-term spirit of service Groupe BPCE's principles for action toward all its customers are the forging of close relationships, accessibility, and a spirit of service. Our employees are tasked with meeting the needs of their customers by creating a climate of trust through attentive listening, outstanding service, and the high quality of their advice; our employees remain central to the customer relationship. Irrespective of the channel chosen by customers to interact with us, they must enjoy the same degree of efficiency in the handling of their requests and be able to express – when they so desire – their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the speed and relevance of the answers given. In Groupe BPCE, more than 10 million customers are questioned every year on the perceived quality of their overall relationship with their bank, and after each appointment with an advisor. This routine practice enables us gradually to improve our service to satisfy our customers’ expectations as fully as possible. When customers decide to disclose their identities on the assessments they provide, they are rapidly contacted by an advisor. Groupe BPCE wants its customers to make extensive use of these appraisal possibilities – in cases of both satisfaction and dissatisfaction – with a view to continuously improving the service provided and the sharing of best practices. EACH OF US MUST: › Listen carefully and strive to understand customers’ needs. › Always bear in mind customers’ long-term interests. › Be responsive in handling customers’ requests.    6 /Groupe BPCE Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards  

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