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  AN INDIVIDUAL CUSTOMER MEETS HIS/HER ADVISOR TO DISCUSS THE FINANCING OF A REAL ESTATE PROJECT. A FEW DAYS AFTER THE MEETING, THE CUSTOMER RECEIVES AN EMAIL CONTAINING A CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY. THE CUSTOMER REALIZES THAT THE ADVISOR’S PROPOSAL FAILS TO TAKE ACCOUNT OF CERTAIN ASPIRATIONS. WHAT CAN THE CUSTOMER DO? The customer discloses his/her identity by answering the satisfaction survey. An employee from the customer’s bank will call back to work with him/her to find a solution perfectly in line with the needs expressed.             IN PRACTICE  A CUSTOMER, WHO IS A BUSINESS OWNER, HAS A MEETING WITH AN ADVISOR TO REVIEW THE FINANCIAL REQUIREMENTS OF HIS/HER COMPANY. HOW IS THE CUSTOMER’S OPINION ABOUT THE DISCUSSION RECORDED? In the next few days, the customer is sent an SMS or email asking him/her about the quality of the meeting and the relevance of the proposed solutions. If there are any details that the customer hasn’t completely understood and if he/she would like further clarification, this demand will immediately be forwarded to the business center so that the staff can get back to the customer with all the additional explanations required. .  Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards of Groupe BPCE / 7 

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