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Principle 1 - Foster a spirit of openness and a trusting relationship Meeting the needs of customers and cooperative shareholders by offering tailor-made solutions  The entities in Groupe BPCE do what it takes to build a long-term, trusting relationship with each of their customers and cooperative shareholders. This relationship is founded on the banks’ long-standing practice of taking a global, customized approach to the customers’ present and future needs. It calls for a commitment throughout the banking EACH OF US MUST: relationship with the customers: to anticipate and support their projects, to take account of changes in their personal situations and to be at their side in both the good times and the bad times. The banks in Groupe BPCE undertake to offer a response tailored to the needs of their customers and to the new uses they expect to put them.  › Deliver customized information, advice, and expertise during the entire life of the customer relationship. › Provide solutions tailored to customers’ needs and new forms of bank/customer interaction. › Assist customers through the key stages in their personal or professional pathways under the best possible conditions.  IN PRACTICE  AT THE BRANCH, YOU RECEIVE THE SON OF A CUSTOMER WHO ANNOUNCES THE DEATH OF HIS MOTHER. HOW DO YOU REACT? First of all, you express your condolences at this difficult time. You then inform the advisor responsible for the relationship with the deceased customer. This advisor then greets the son in a private interview area and informs him of the first steps to be taken. This employee will remain his privileged contact until the Succession Department takes over. The bank’s experts will then place themselves at the individual’s service and guide him through the entire administrative process.    8 /Groupe BPCE Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards    

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