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Principle 3 Protect the interests of our customers and cooperative shareholders The protection of the interests of our customers and cooperative shareholders is of fundamental importance to Groupe BPCE. It is the essential prerequisite for establishing a trusting relationship over the long term. Groupe BPCE undertakes to abstain from sharing the personal data of its customers and to ensure the protection of this information. The Group’s entities comply with current legal provisions, notably those governing the use of algorithms whose employment is regulated by a benchmark charter created at Group level. This ensures that their implementation respects the goals of the European regulation on data protection and, in particular, the principles of loyalty, vigilance, ethics, and traceability. EACH OF US MUST: › At all times place the customer’s interests above all other considerations. › Fulfill the duty to provide advice and respect the primacy of the customer’s interests. › Explain, in an open dialogue, why the proposed solutions match the customer’s needs and check that the services desired by the customer are appropriate to his or her particular situation and risk profile. › Make sure the customers understand the nature and details of the solution recommended to them. › Be proficient in identifying and managing – by using procedures provided by each Group entity – any conflict of interest liable to arise from the respective situations of the customer, employee, bank, or stakeholders. This includes being open with customers about any ownership links between the bank and any of the distributors and producers enlisted in Groupe BPCE. › Comply with banking secrecy and the confidentiality of our dealings with our customers. › Protect the customer’s private data.   10 / Groupe BPCE Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards 

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