Page 52 - Code de conduite et d'éthique
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Principle 5 Promote exemplary, principled and considerate behavior Our ambition is to promote, in all circumstances, ethics in our employees’ decisions and behaviors by setting benchmarks known to all. We have obligations toward our customers and cooperative shareholders; we must respect these same obligations in the way we behave toward each other. Each employee generates an image of the company; he or she must respect this image in their behavior. An inappropriate attitude with colleagues causes significant damage to the company’s image, both within the company and outside. The day-to-day interaction between managers and their teams further heightens the need for excellence in their activities and decisions. Irrespective of their rank on the management chain – and this includes members of the senior management team – their responsibility is to help promote the personal development of their employees in a climate of trust. Every manager shares primary responsibility for the work/life balance of the people under his/her responsibility. Groupe BPCE is particularly attentive to this issue, as demonstrated by its adoption of the Charter of 15 Commitments for a Work/Life Balance, signed by the Group’s senior managers*. EACH OF US MUST: › Listen attentively and considerately to our colleagues, employees, and managers. › Respect the privacy of our colleagues, employees, and managers. › Treat our co-workers with respect in all circumstances. › Forgo all attitudes involving discrimination, sexual or moral harassment. These instructions also concern the relationships between employees and third-party stakeholders (customers, suppliers, service providers, etc.). › Report behavior that is unacceptable according to the internal warning mechanisms adopted by each company in the Group. * A charter published by the French observatory aimed at improving the balance between work and home life (Observatoire de l’Equilibre des Temps de vie et de la Parentalité en entreprise), working under the aegis of the Ministry of Women's Rights.    14 /Groupe BPCE Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards 

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