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 EVERY MANAGER MUST: › Embody in his or her conduct respect for others, high standards, and a team spirit. › Foster trust and a sense of responsibility. › Be demanding yet considerate. › Be genuine, have the courage to speak your mind in a respectful manner, and avoid making reckless promises. › Refrain from any attitude that may be construed as discrimination or harassment     YOU ARE CRITICIZED ON THE SOCIAL NETWORKS BECAUSE THE PRESS HAS PUBLICIZED THE NAME OF YOUR BANK OWING TO THE INVOLVEMENT OF ONE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS IN A CASE OF ALLEGED TAX FRAUD. THIS IS NOT TRUE AND YOU ARE SORELY TEMPTED TO REACT. WHAT CAN YOU DO? It is frequently counterproductive to post a public response online. Very often, joining in a controversy merely gives it greater energy. Instead, consult your manager who will advise you what course of action to take. Remember that you are not entitled to express yourself on behalf of the company unless you are authorized to do so and, above all, that banking secrecy also applies even when you are not inside the company. Group employees can also consult the “Ensemble sur les medias sociaux” (“Together on Social Media”) guidelines for public expression and best practices that will provide answers to most of their questions.  IN PRACTICE  IN YOUR TEAM, ONE OF YOUR FEMALE CO-WORKERS INFORMS YOU THAT A MALE COLLEAGUE MADE A SEXIST COMMENT ABOUT HER AT A RECENT MEETING. SHE THINKS THAT HE DIDN’T REALIZE WHAT HE HAD SAID AND SHE DIDN’T DARE TELL HIM THAT IT MADE HER FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE. SHE TELLS YOU ABOUT IT. WHAT SHOULD YOU DO? You must listen to your co-worker and lend her your support. Then, if you consider it necessary, you should call the employee who made the comment to see you in order to heighten his awareness of the notion of sexism. Should this situation occur again, inform your Human Resources department, which will decide what further action to take.  Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards of Groupe BPCE 15 

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