Page 54 - Code de conduite et d'éthique
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Principle 6 Promote respect for employees and favor their professional growth Promote diversity and refrain from all discrimination The diversity of talent and individuals is a major strength of Groupe BPCE; non-discrimination is an obligation. Equality of opportunity must be guaranteed by an objective assessment of skills not only from the initial recruitment process but also throughout the employee’s career within the Group. EACH OF US MUST: › Attheirindividuallevel,ensurethathumanresourcesaremanagedinanequitableway. › Demonstrateopen-mindednessandrespectforotherpeoples’pointofview.      IN PRACTICE YOU HAVE RECENTLY TAKEN UP A MANAGEMENT POSITION IN A GROUP ENTITY AND YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO TAKE PART IN THE RECRUITMENT PROCESS. YOU ARE AWARE THAT NON- DISCRIMINATION IS IMPORTANT FOR THE GROUP. WHAT DOES THIS ACTUALLY MEAN? Recruitment is based on an individual’s skills and experience; you must therefore choose the best candidate for the position in question and be able to justify your choice using objective arguments, in accordance with the principles of non-discrimination.    16 / Groupe BPCE Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards      

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