Page 56 - Code de conduite et d'éthique
P. 56

Principle 7 Act in a manner consistent with ethical business practices at all times Anticipate and manage conflicts of interest The trust of our customers, cooperative shareholders, and of all our various stakeholders (such as suppliers or service providers) is founded on our respect for the ethical principles drawn up by Groupe BPCE. Principle No.7 – that of acting in a manner consistent with ethical business practices – covers the main rules that the Group’s managers and employees are required to respect in the pursuit of their activities. For each of the business lines, these rules are specified in all the procedures drawn up by Groupe BPCE's different entities. The Group relies on each and everyone’s sense of responsibility to comply with these procedures and to act on a daily basis with loyalty, honesty and in complete independence. Groupe BPCE is committed to serving its customers’ interests and to acting in full transparency. A conflict of interests that is left unmanaged or badly managed could harm the Group’s public image and the personal interests of everyone concerned. EACH OF US MUST: › Identify, anticipate and promptly report any situation liable to lead to a conflict of interest with customers and/or stakeholders. › Declare to the ethics officer the corporate offices held and act accordingly.    18 / Groupe BPCE Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards  

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