Page 57 - Code de conduite et d'éthique
P. 57

  A LOYAL CUSTOMER IN YOUR PORTFOLIO WANTS TO TAKE OUT A LIFE INSURANCE CONTRACT. AS HE HAS NO HEIR, HE WANTS TO THANK YOU FOR MANAGING HIS ACCOUNT BY MAKING YOU A BENEFICIARY OF THIS CONTRACT. WHAT SHOULD YOU DO? Under no circumstances may an employee accept to be a legatee, recipient or beneficiary of a customer’s life insurance contract. In such a situation, any employee concerned must immediately inform his line manager, as well as the ethics officer who will explain the appropriate course of action to take.     IN PRACTICE   YOU ARE SELLING YOUR APARTMENT. POTENTIAL BUYERS ASK YOU TO GRANT THEM A HOME LOAN. WHAT SHOULD YOU DO? To ensure the impartiality of your decisions, you cannot handle this request. You must report it to your line manager and ethics officer who will act accordingly. All Group employees must protect themselves against any situations liable to constitute a conflict of interest in order to preserve, in all circumstances, the primacy of our customers’ interests.    Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards of Groupe BPCE / 19 

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