Page 58 - Code de conduite et d'éthique
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Principle 7 - Act in a manner consistent with ethical business practices at all times Fight against corruption and influence peddling at every level in the company  The fight against corruption and influence peddling is a priority for Groupe BPCE and its stakeholders. The Group pursues a zero tolerance policy in this area, applied equally to its directors, senior managers, and employees. An act of corruption consists in an arrangement with a public or private person involving the offering or accepting EACH OF US MUST: of favors, promises, presents or gifts for oneself or for others. The decisions made by employees must never be subject to inappropriate influence.   › Remainalertatalltimestotherisksofcorruptionandinfluencepeddling. › Reportallsuspicioussituationstoone’slinemanagerandethicsofficer. › Complywiththecompanypolicyregardinggiftsandfavorsandactina totally impartial manner.     IN PRACTICE   A CUSTOMER APPLIES FOR A LARGE REAL ESTATE LOAN BUT HE IS ALREADY CARRYING A HIGH DEBT LOAD. HE IS THE CHAIRMAN OF A SOCCER CLUB, AND TO ENCOURAGE YOU TO ACT IN HIS FAVOR, HE OFFERS YOU SEATS IN A PRIVATE LODGE FOR THE NEXT MATCH. CAN YOU ACCEPT HIS INVITATION? No, you must not accept his invitation. Decisions regarding gifts and favors received or given must comply with internal procedures. This invitation is a case of attempted bribery.    20 / Groupe BPCE Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards    

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