Page 59 - Code de conduite et d'éthique
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Fight against money or asset laundering and against the financing of terrorism  The fight against money or asset laundering, tax evasion and the financing of terrorism is a priority for Groupe BPCE. Compulsory training is provided to Group employees, and compliance with procedures is essential. All Group entities are mobilized around applying the regulations and implementing the mechanisms set up to EACH OF US MUST: combat money or asset laundering and the financing of terrorism. This mechanism also includes compliance with the rules governing embargos and the freezing of assets.  › Remain vigilant at all times and don’t keep a doubt or a suspicion to ourselves. › Report all suspicious situations, irrespective of the circumstances or the stakeholders involved, to our line manager and to the Financial Security department of our establishment. › Comply with the procedures in force.     IN PRACTICE   VERY REGULARLY, A CUSTOMER MAKES CASH DEPOSITS IN HIS CURRENT ACCOUNT AT THE BANK, EQUAL TO TWICE HIS SALARY. WHAT SHOULD YOU DO? The nature of the payments to be received by the customer must be both clear and explicit. You must ask the customer about where the money comes from and check whether his/her explanations correspond to the size of the cash deposits. If in doubt, you should consult the Financial Security department.    Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards of Groupe BPCE / 21    

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