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Principle 8 Ensure the continuity of Groupe BPCE Protect the information and data of Groupe BPCE and its customers Groupe BPCE, by its very nature as a cooperative banking group, is committed to its cooperative shareholders. An appetite for risk has been defined and implemented at Groupe BPCE level and in each of its entities. It defines the level of risk acceptable to the Group in a particular context in order to generate recurring and resilient results by offering the best service to its customers and maintaining its capital adequacy, liquidity, and reputation for the greater benefit of its customers, cooperative shareholders, and employees. The Group behaves in a responsible and ethical manner when taking risks. It reaches decisions by taking the long-term view, in accordance with a principle of consistency and prudence. The Group ensures that the information published in its financial or other documents is accurate. It undertakes to provide its customers and stakeholders with transparent, faithful and reliable information. Groupe BPCE considers that the protection of customers' private data is a prerequisite for the successful pursuit of its business activities. It endeavors to use only the information necessary for the exercise of its activities and undertakes to protect the confidentiality of the personal data of its customers and employees. EACH OF US MUST: › Complywiththerulesofbankingsecrecy. › Behave in a responsible manner to ensure the confidentiality of information even when we leave the Group. › Only ask for and retain the information we need for the pursuit of our professional activities. › Comply with security standards that provide a framework for the protection of data and information. › Report any breach to the Data Protection Officer of their bank. › Take care to protect the Group’s reputation in the event of intervention on the media social.     22 /Groupe BPCE Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards 

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