Page 62 - Code de conduite et d'éthique
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Principle 8 - Ensure the continuity of Groupe BPCE Ensure market integrity and comply with market abuse rules The integrity of financial markets is essential to economic and social development. By creating a corporate culture founded on everyone’s integrity and sense of EACH OF US MUST: responsibilities, Groupe BPCE undertakes to protect the integrity of financial markets.    › Remain vigilant at all times in order to combat market abuses. › Contribute to the smooth functioning of the market. › Thanks to an appropriate oversight system, report all suspicious situations to our line managers and Investment Services Compliance Officer. WHAT WE MUST REFRAIN FROM DOING: › Useanddiscloseprivilegedinformation,eitherdirectlyorindirectly. › Givethemarketfalseinformation. › Takemeasurestoartificiallyinfluencethepriceofafinancialinstrument.    IN PRACTICE  ONE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS IS A LISTED COMPANY. YOU LEARN IN THE COURSE OF A CONVERSATION THAT IT WILL SHORTLY BE ACQUIRING ITS PRINCIPAL COMPETITOR. ARE YOU ENTITLED TO SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH A FRIEND WHO IS PLANNING TO MAKE AN INVESTMENT? Privileged information obtained in the course of your duties must neither be disclosed nor used for personal or professional purposes. All Group employees must refrain from exploiting, for their own account or on behalf of others, any privileged information in their possession.    24 / Groupe BPCE Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards    

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