Page 63 - Code de conduite et d'éthique
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Take risks in a responsible manner Groupe BPCE adopts responsible and ethical behavior in its risk-taking activities. Long-term interests are favored over short-term interests to ensure that decisions are made on the basis of consistency and prudence. Predetermined objectives are defined using both collective and qualitative criteria. EACH OF US MUST: These principles form an integral part of the remuneration policies of Group entities, including the setting of objectives, in order to protect the company and its customers from risky individual behavior.   › Respecttheriskpoliciesandauthorizedstop-losslimits. › Complywithexposurelimits. › Favorconsistencyandprudence. › KeepinmindthecontinuityoftheGroupinallrisk-takingdecisions. › Discourageriskyindividualbehavior. .     IN PRACTICE  YOU ARE A CORPORATE ACCOUNT MANAGER. ONE OF THE COMPANIES IN YOUR PORTFOLIO ASKS YOU TO GRANT A MAJOR OVERDRAFT FACILITY TO FINANCE AN EXTREMELY URGENT TRANSACTION. THIS MEANS THAT YOU WOULD HAVE TO APPROVE AN AGREEMENT WITHOUT BEING DELEGATED THE NECESSARY AUTHORITY. WHAT DO YOU DO? You cannot exceed your level of delegation. The request must be forwarded to the delegatee empowered to grant this facility along with information about the degree of urgency to ensure the customer receives a decision rapidly.    Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards of Groupe BPCE / 25    

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