Page 64 - Code de conduite et d'éthique
P. 64

Principle 8 - Ensure the continuity of Groupe BPCE Ensure the safety of individuals and business activities  Groupe BPCE considers security in its premises to be of paramount importance. Any activity or anomaly liable to be a threat to the physical safety of an employee, customer, or any other person on the premises of one of the Group’s companies must be reported. Beyond the physical security of their premises, the Group’s companies undertake to create a pleasant, harmonious EACH OF US MUST: working environment capable of facilitating discussions between employees. Both individual and collective behavior must be courteous in all circumstances. Anyone working for or with Groupe BPCE is entitled to enjoy a healthy and risk-free work environment.  › Behaveinaresponsiblemannertopreserveandsafeandhealthywork environment. › Respecttherulesgoverningsafety,hygieneandhealthprotectionatwork. › Reporttoourchainofcommandallbehaviororsituationliableto compromise security in the premises of Groupe BPCE.  26 / Groupe BPCE Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards 

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