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Principle 9 Contribute to the development of a socially responsible market economy consistent with human dignity  Our continuous development of partnerships makes us a major player in the economic and social development of the regions. The desire to ensure their activities have the greatest possible impact in the regions where Groupe BPCE entities are located is shared by the senior managers, employees, cooperative shareholders and the directors who represent them. The Group’s banks finance all types of players active in the local and regional economy: private individuals, professionals, companies of all sizes from the very smallest to the largest, associations, local authorities, social housing bodies, etc., offering them tailor-made solutions ranging from microloans to major project financing. The Group's different entities are determined to play a major role in the regional ecosystem by capitalizing on their know-how acquired since their creation in order to co- develop projects with local players of all sizes. They are committed to playing their part in the development of their territories through their interventions and the financing solutions they propose but also through their recruitment activities (including the recruitment of apprentices), procurement from regional suppliers, and corporate sponsorship activities. The Group’s mutual banks work closely with their cooperative shareholders to develop major general interest sponsorship programs, notably through regional or national foundations and associations (education and financial inclusion, social solidarity, autonomy, social cohesion, and access to culture) helping to provide a harmonious living environment for the people living in the regions where they pursue their activities. The inclusion of these actions in a long-term vision is a direct result of their commitments as cooperative banking institutions. They place a special responsibility upon us to help build a responsible market economy. Many of our customers and cooperative shareholders are particularly anxious that their savings will be used to finance a sustainable economy. We undertake to develop and circulate our responsible savings solutions in line with their expectations and to keep them informed about how these savings are used. We are committed to making ESG criteria (environment, social and corporate governance) ESG (environmental, social and governance) an integral part of our lending policies.   IN PRACTICE ONE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS IS A CRAFTSMAN AND A MEMBER OF A CHAMBER OF TRADES. HE TELLS YOU HOW DIFFICULT IT IS TO MAKE APPRENTICES AWARE OF THE NEED FOR GOOD BUDGET MANAGEMENT. DO YOU FEEL CONCERNED BY THIS? Yes, because you can put him in touch with Finances & Pédagogie (Finance & Education). This association, which has belonged to Groupe BPCE for many years, is one of the foremost contributors to financial education in France. It conducts awareness-building and training sessions on the topic of money for all audiences (young people, adults, trainers, volunteers, etc.). It works with 900 partners in contact with all its different target audiences throughout France.    28 / Groupe BPCE Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards     

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