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Principle 10 Be a banking group that is socially inclusive and open to alls Our customers may go through difficult times. When they do, we are there to help them and to define, together, solutions enabling them to put their financial difficulties behind them. We take preventive action with individual customers to avoid over-indebtedness proceedings. We are careful to contact them and listen to them, offer simple solutions (account management, access to the vulnerable customer package, loan restructuring solutions, etc.) and to put them in contact, if necessary, with dedicated correspondents. Managers, just like customer advisors, have a special responsibility to give as much support as possible to customers facing difficulties. Customers helped out of a bad situation will long remember that they built trusting relationships with their bank and will talk about this to others. We also make every effort to accommodate customers with disabilities by adapting and personalizing our services and relationships. We are the No.1 banker for protected persons.    IN PRACTICE  A CUSTOMER COMES TO YOUR BRANCH TO TALK ABOUT HIS FINANCIAL PROBLEMS. FOR THE PAST FEW MONTHS, HE HAS FOUND IT EXTREMELY HARD TO KEEP HIS ACCOUNT ABOVE WATER; A LARGE NUMBER OF HIS CHECKS HAVE BOUNCED, AND HE WANTS TO FIND WAYS TO MANAGE HIS ACCOUNT MORE EFFECTIVELY AND PUT THIS DIFFICULT MOMENT BEHIND HIM. WHAT SOLUTIONS CAN YOU OFFER? First of all, you must listen carefully and with sympathy to a customer who is going through a life crisis. To help him gradually get things back to normal, you recommend a range of products and an appropriate and secure type of relationship, at reduced cost. The aim, in particular, is to allow your customer to carry out his day-to-day operations while reducing the risk of incidents and their related costs. You will carry out a general review of his situation in order to guide him, if necessary, toward the department in your bank dedicated to working with customers facing financial difficulties.        DURING A DISCUSSION WITH A CUSTOMER YOU LEARN THAT HIS DAUGHTER – WHO IS HARD OF HEARING – HAS STRAINED RELATIONS WITH HER CURRENT BANK. WHAT SUGGESTION DO YOU MAKE? You mention the customized services provided by your bank (sign language interpreter, instant speech transcription, etc.) and offer to make a presentation to his daughter to show how account can be taken of her specific needs.   Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards of Groupe BPCE/ 29 IN PRACTICE      

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