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  THE HEAD OF A LOGISTICS PLATFORM SPECIALIZING IN THE DISTRIBUTION OF FOODSTUFF COMES TO SEE YOU ABOUT PLANS TO EXPAND HIS REFRIGERATION FACILITIES. IT’S A GOOD OPPORTUNITY TO INCLUDE ENERGY SAVINGS IN HIS PLANS. HOW DO YOU REACT? By discussing the different characteristics of his plan, you draw his attention to the possible energy savings he could generate. You talk about the environmental aspects of his initiative and look for specific solutions in the range of Groupe BPCE’s products and expertise in order to finance and add value to his project.          IN PRACTICE  AN INDIVIDUAL CUSTOMER CONTACTS YOU ABOUT FINANCING RENOVATION WORK ON HIS HOUSE. HE HEARD ABOUT THE EXISTENCE OF FINANCIAL INCENTIVES IF HIS PROJECT INCLUDES ENERGY EFFICIENCY IMPROVEMENTS. HE DOESN’T REALLY KNOW MUCH ABOUT IT AND DOUBTS THAT THE BANKS ARE VERY KEEN ABOUT IT. WHAT DO YOU ANSWER? You tell him that public grants are available and that he can obtain all the necessary information from the Point Info Energie (“Energy Information space”) of his département. You also confirm that your bank encourages the financing of projects with an environmental dimension, that it offers bank loans dedicated to this, and that you remain at his disposal to identify the best loan offer to finance his project.   Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards of Groupe BPCE/ 31 

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