Page 70 - Code de conduite et d'éthique
P. 70

      Principle 12 Promote Human Rights in the pursuit of all our activities We strive to ensure that all our stakeholders comply with the precepts of Human Rights, whether these stakeholders are internal (customers, cooperative shareholders, employees, senior managers and directors) or external (suppliers, investors), in all the territories where Groupe BPCE is present, whether in France or overseas. We are committed to taking account in our activities of the societal demands liable to arise from new technologies (e.g. genetic engineering) or changes in society. Groupe BPCE expects its suppliers to adhere to the fundamental principles of the United Nations Global Compact in the field of Human Rights, working conditions, environmental protection, and the fight against corruption. The Group, for its part, undertakes to respect the principles of impartiality and transparency in its relations with its suppliers by ensuring fair treatment in the selection process. These various commitments are laid down in a Responsible Purchasing charter, which is included in the consultation files.  32 / Groupe BPCE Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards 

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